Friday, May 8, 2020

Norway—A State of fjords

Nature seems to have bestowed upon Norway the most of its mercy. This country is elegant and boasts of its natural wealth. If you ever wish to cruise through the deep Atlantic fjords or climb mountains,
Norway is the perfect destination for you. Not only the fjords but grand mountains, astonishing waterfalls, glaciers and cities rich in natural and modern assets also make Norway a hot favorite tourist destination in the world. Its unfading beauty is something that speaks out itself the glorious history and recommends the travelers to pay a visit to this amazingly beautiful country. The moment you get into the Norwegian territory, nature greets you with some amazing gifts of stunningly beautiful sights. Landing on the airport in Oslo, the capital city, follows some memorable sightseeing experience. Museums and parks in important corners of this charming city have something great to make you inquisitive. The Norwegian Folk museum represents the cultural history of Norway and wooden stave church is another worth visiting spot. Viking Ship museum and Vigeland Sculpture Park are also Oslo s mot well known attractions. Besides Oslo, Bergen and Troms are cities which treasure a lot for travelers. Troms is the best place to become aware of the cultural heritage of Norway and capture scenery of snow capped mountain. This city is the gateway to the Arctic. Street music, restaurants, pubs and bars are something very common you would observe in Troms. Number of period buildings and a Northern light Planetarium attract a good number of visitors. Bergen, once the capital of Norway and nestled between the seven mountains is considered to be the Gateway to fjords. The national shrine of NorwayArticle Search, Nidaros Cathedral in Scandinavia deserves full attention of the tourists. This 12th century construction displays some magnificent glassworks and stone statue. Staying in the Fisherman s hut on the mountainous Lofoten Islands is always a wonderful experience. The cluster of Islands has variety of animals and plant life. The Geiranger fjord is most visited and stunning fjord with 6000 ft. mountains above it. Ajostedal Glacier National Park and Nordkapp have their own importance for tourists. You can find more information on Norway Tourism on the site.

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