Friday, May 8, 2020

Norway Tourist Destinations for Magnificent Holiday Tour

Norway is a country located in the north of Europe. It is home to many beautiful landscapes, cities and culture. Its mountains, forests, rivers and glaciers make Norway tourist destinations popular among travelers.
Oslo is the capital of Norway which is rich in its heritage and culture. It has many churches, palaces, historic sites, shopping and entertainment destinations. Akershus Fortress is a place where you can discover the history of Oslo. Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower is a historic place where you can enjoy skiing and also can take a tour of the museum, which exhibits 4000 years of skiing history and polar exploration artifacts. It is the world's oldest ski museum. Natural History Museum is home to many museums such as the Zoological Museum, Mineralogical-Geological museum (which includes Paleontological Museum), the Botanical Garden and the greenhouses. If you are with your family then you should definitely visit Tusen Fryd Amusement Park, which has many spectacular rides such as Speed Monster, Nightmare, Spin Spider, Super Splash and Thunder Coaster. It also has Bade Fryd which is a water park. It has Swimming River, Swimming pool, Triple slide and Beach volleyball. Oslo is indeed one of the major Norway tourist destinations. Kirkenes Snow Hotel is another tourist attraction in Norway which offers snow suites in mid-December. Here you can enjoy living in a room which is sculpted from snow. Many snow and ice sculptures are the key attractions here. Lofoten Islands are basically cluster of mountainous islands which have been inhabited since more than 6000 years. It has variety of species of plant, marine and animal life. It also has an extinct volcano which is the world's oldest mountain situated on the island of Bo. You can also stay in the traditional fisherman's huts which are available for rent. These Norway tourist destinations provide a unique experience to visitors. Geirangerfjord is famous for its popular scenic attraction and waterway. Here you will get to see three waterfalls; The Seven Sisters, The Suitor and Bridal Veil. In Geirangerfjord you can also enjoy fishing, hiking, boat riding and kayaking. Stavanger is the city where you will get to see the mix of old and new. It has many museums which tell the history of this place. It is also home to many antique shops and artists' studios. Norway tourist destinations such as these portray the historical aspect of Norway. Norwegian cuisine uses ingredients which can be found all over the country. Some of the popular cuisines of Norway are; Flatbread (made from oatmeal flour, graham flour and buttermilk then baked till crisp), Grilled Mountain Trout with Lemon Butter, Chicken Fricassee, RutabagasFree Reprint Articles, Hasselback (roasted potatoes) and many more.

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