Friday, May 8, 2020

What to Do in Cape Town

If you get to visit Cape Town, South Africa, you will want to take in some of the events that take place throughout the year in this part of the country. There is plenty to see and do when you visit Cape Town. Some of the annual events you will want to enjoy are as follows. Spier Arts Festival
The Spier Arts Festival is one of the most popular events in Cape Town. Located in the section of Stellenbosch, this annual art exhibit runs from February to the end of March and includes art from all over the continent. The Spiers Arts Festival features all types of art and music and has been a staple in Cape Town for over 15 years. Cape Town Festival From April to the end of May, every weekend is filled with cultural activities that include art, dance and even film at the festival that takes place at the Compant Gardens on Jackson Street. There is entertainment for children, exhibitions, entertainment, artisans, food and everything that celebrates the diversity of culture in Cape Town at this festival. Youth Day June 16 is Youth Day in Cape Town and it is celebrated every year as it commemorates the demonstration against segregation that was a turning point in the history of the city. Youth Day is an annual event in Cape Town and is celebrated throughout the city with films, entertainment and even seminars. This is a chance for you to learn something about the history of the youth in Cape Town. Waterfront Wine Affair If you enjoy tasting wine, then you will enjoy the Cape Times Waterfront Wine Affair at the V & A Waterfront. This is an annual event that takes place the last weekend of May and features not only wines from all over the world, but gourmet foods as well. For a taste of the finer things in life, this is one event that you will not want to miss. Football Festival And Conference Soccerex is a four day event that takes place in the Sandton Exhibition Center in Cape Town during the last weekend of November. Soccerex is a game that is really taking off in this country and you can watch exhibitions and enjoy matches when you attend this event. Whiskey Live Festival Whiskey connoisseurs will enjoy the Whiskey Live Festival that takes place at the exhibition center during the second weekend of November every year. There are over 160 different whiskeys that are represented at this annual event that is for anyone who works in the industry or who just enjoys good whiskey. There is also entertainment and food at the Whiskey Live Festival. Summer Sunset Concerts Visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on Sunday evenings during the summer so that you can enjoy the sunset as well as the outdoor concerts that are free. These events take place at the gardens from the beginning of November until April during the summer months in Cape Town. There is plenty for visitors to see and do when they visit Cape TownFeature Articles, South Africa.

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