Friday, May 8, 2020

Argentina Travel: Explore Patagonia

Argentina has so much to offer its visitors that it can be difficult to decide what to see in your vacation. You can never see everything no matter how much time you spend in a country. These three key destinations will offer three completely different experiences may contribute to a better general understanding of Argentinean culture as a whole: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and El Calafate.
Buenos Aires is Argentina’s political capital and vibrant cultural capital with rich artistic routes in music and dance as well as historical significance. With its cutting edge designers and elegant and glamourous neighborhoods, Buenos Aires almost belongs in Europe rather than South America. Its fun, attractive locals, however will remind you that you are in Argentina, a beautiful and exceptional South America destination with so many unique and exciting things to offer. When you are tired of the city life and need some peace from the dancing and the music take a flight to Iguazu Falls in the northeast corner of the country and along the border of Brazil. Iguazu simply cannot be missed as it is one of the most amazing natural attractions in the world. It is the kind of destination that you would regret skipping on any South America Vacation. So don’t skip it; instead make sure and include it. Both Argentina and Brazil offer fabulous tours of the parks with very unique and different perspectives, you may want to spend an extra day just to be able to tour the falls from both sides. Now that you have seen the vibrant capital and the roaring of Iguazu Falls is echoing in your head, fly to El Calafate to experience a completely different kind of natural environment, the Patagonian Icefield. Pictures of Patagonia are everywhere as it is one of the most stunning icescapes on the planet. A strip to El Calafate will offer the adventure of a lifetime, with visits to the world famous Perito Moreno Glacier, a skyscraper of ice, where you can trek and walk in and around the awesome glacier, snapping away creating photo’s of your own. The recrystallized snow that makes up the enormous Perito Moreno Glacier is the product of many millennia, tremendous pressure and slow drifts eastward. The immense silence that hovers over the lands is regularly broken up by the sounds of cracking and splashing chunks of ice that break off and fall into the Canal de los Tempanos as the daily temperature fluctuates. There are boats that take you on tours in this pristine environment that makes a strong impression on all its visitors. The impression is so strong that the myth of the Calafate berry has evolved. Be sure to eat the berry which means that one day you will return to this place. It won’t be hard to imagine yourself returning to this amazing and tranquil natural environment. In factFree Articles, you may even consider a second visit to all the stops on your Argentina vacation.

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