Saturday, April 4, 2020

Dubai Tourist Camps At Dubai Desert

Nonetheless, the view of this color change never stops to fill me with a feel of peace and marvel at this beauty of the sand. For this camping expedition, my friends and I chose to go local instead of camp out by the sea like we have done previously.
As we taken off from smooth Al Khail road, my friend’s husband who is in dubai using Dubai Tourist Visa asked to put the SUVs into four wheel drive mode so that we can drive on top of the desert sand. I was immediately got excited as I was using 4WD for the 1st time, but first it was obvious that I ask him a very critical question. “How Do I Turn On Four Wheel Drive Mode?” “WHAT,” was my friend’s response? He jumped to the passenger side to guide me which was great because I required him so that I don’t have to pull out my vehicle’s user manual. After putting it into four wheels drive mode (and testing to see if I required deflating my tires which I didn’t) and getting used to the loud hearing sound of the engineFind Article, I shadowed my friend into the middle of the desert as he hunted the area and picked a right camping place for us. He displayed off a few impressive dune bashing moves which I risked not reproduce. My kids loved running up and down on sand dunes and we were happy there are no other campers around us because the continuous sound of my voice blaring after them to come back was sure to be irritating.

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